Well Soiled…

It’s that time of year when it’s all about improving the soil. In horticultural terms, soil is everything. By getting the soil right, creating nutrient rich soil filled with well rotted manure, organic matter, homemade compost, or spent mushroom compost; by treating roots to mycorrhizal fungi; dressing top soil with seaweed extract – we are really helping enhance our soil, and getting the conditions right for the plants which we will be soon putting in for all our clients, to flourish. Not of course forgetting to mention we will also be creating a habitat for the populations of microbial activity which live beneath the soil. Did you know that in the upper 30-cm layer of soil there are about 25 tonnes of soil organisms like bacteria, fungi, earthworms!

As a company we believe in investing a good amount of our clients’ budget on soil preps; we are currently trialing Bio char – Carbon Gold, which also helps with carbon sequestration. We love working with Lakeland gold compost made from bracken and sheep’s wool – (www.dalefootcomposts.co.uk) on many projects ranging from our NW2 local authority sites, to our Camden and Islington schools  – it’s a great alternative to peat. As an every day product, we are always very happy with a couple of dumpy bags of well rotted manure from Thompsons of Crewes Hill. (www.thompsonsofcreweshill.com)

Not forgetting to mention the best value compost of all – homemade compost!

We loving getting well soiled…although it’s not terribly glam. See Debbie below!

Any questions on how to improve your soil, or advice on creating your own homemade compost centre Give us a call!

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