Image of the two books1. Meet: The High-Heeled Gardener…

Ever fancied having a go at gardening/food growing but don’t know where to start?
Want to do your bit to help the environment, but find it all too overwhelming?
Fancy losing yourself in an Eco-Romance? Does such a genre even exist?

If you’ve answer yes to any of the above, look no further! We are delighted to announce that our Debbie has written a new series of eco-books  In fact, she’s also created a new book genre: Eco-Romance.

The High-Heeled Gardener: Book 1 in the new Eco-Romance series is out now:

Read Debbie’s justification for selling the book on Amazon in the Ham&High Newspaper.

The High-Heeled Eco WarriorComing soon: The High-Heeled Eco-Worrier. This is book 2 in the  Eco-Romance series. Pre-order now from Amazon.



Watch the trailer on YouTube:

2. Our fave Ecological-Climate action books:

1. Rob Hopkins: From What if…to what if?
2. George Mombiot: Regenesis
3. Kate Raworth: Doughnut Economics
4. Robert McFarlane: Landmarks
5. Isabella Tree: Wilding
6. Mike Berners Lee: There is no Planet B
7. Merlin Sheldrake: Entangled Life
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