Poster for the High-Heeled Gardener booksEver fancied having a go at gardening/food growing but don’t know where to start?
Want to do your bit to help the environment, but find it all too overwhelming?
Fancy losing yourself in an Eco-Romance? Does such a genre even exist?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, look no further! We are delighted to announce that our Debbie has written a new series of eco-books.  In fact, she’s also created a new book genre: Eco-Romance.

Book 1: The High-Heeled Gardener…

When ex-fashion designer, Deborah, answers a knock on her door, little does she know that she’s about to embark upon the ‘growmance’ of her life. Sexy local politician, Toby, persuades her to turn a patch of land outside her flat into a community garden…with uproarious consequences.

Join Deborah, the High-Heeled Gardener, as she records her eco-adventures in a worms-and-all diary. Jump aboard her rollercoaster year of steamy sustainability, organic food growing and earthy fun.

Introducing a community of lusty climate activists, Deborah is not only led up the garden path, but becomes and unwitting environmentalist along the way. From haute…to hurt…couture, The High-Heeled Gardener is a hilarious horticultural handbook. For a review of this book read here.

Book 2: The High-Heeled Eco-Worrier

The High-Heeled Eco WarriorRead Debbie’s follow up book in the Eco-Romance series is now available. It’s called ‘The High-Heeled Eco Worrier.’

Its a really funny fictional story (or is it?!) featuring lots great fun characters who are all bumbling their way through a year of climate action. The question is, will our heroes, Nat and Deb, be able to turn a dilapidated old church into a successful eco-hub, or will a nasty property developer replace it with another another posh block of flats? Read this eco-romp to find out! Let us know if you agree with the last line in the back cover book blurb:
‘The High-Heeled Eco-Worrier is a hilarious eco-romp. Who says that helping the planet isn’t good for your libido!

You can buy the series from Amazon.

For justification on why Debbie, a committed environmental campaigner, is selling it on Amazon read here:

Watch the trailer on YouTube:

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