Of Butterflies, bees … and books!

It’s been a while since we posted! We have been incredibly busy helping create and deliver lots of wonderful wildlife friendly, urban rewilding projects across the borough of Camden, and beyond.

We’ve also made a fundamental change to our business! We have become a non-for-profit social enterprise. As such, we are no longer taking commissions to create private gardens, but are solely concentrating our efforts into creating community gardens – biodiverse, habitat rich outdoor spaces – in public sites, schools, housing estates, businesses etc.

We have made this decision as we are committed to playing our part to help address the Climate and Ecological Emergency in London by creating vital pollinator pathways and connected eco-systems. We want to bring biodiversity into public outdoor spaces, offering habitat opportunities for the smallest bug upwards! We say: out with the herbaceous border and in with the pollinator border!

We also have a new website which gives lots of details on projects we’ve been working on with local climate and ecological action groups: Thinkanddocamden.org.uk and Camdencleanair.org. Do grab a cuppa and spend some time looking at it.

There’s also other news! We’ve changed the name of the website. We are now: ‘Of Butterflies, Bees and Books.’ We are so proud that our Debbie, has penned a series of      Eco-Romance novels. The first book in the series: The High-Heeled Gardener has even been compared to a Bridget Jones in the garden! It’s a hilarious horticultural handbook, a year of digging dangerously! It follows the exploits of an ex-fashion designer as she gets involved in a community garden. It’s a journey from haute-to-horti-couture! As the book’s timeline starts in October, now is the best time to start to read it! All you growmance lovers out there can order the book at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/High-Heeled-Gardener-Romance-Comedy-Book-ebook/dp/B0BN9NN9PX

The second book in the series: The High-Heeled Eco-Worrier will be out early next year!

For justification on why a professed climate activist and eco-worrier would agree to sell a book on Amazon, read here: https://www.hamhigh.co.uk/news/23568306.debbie-bourne-selling-high-heeled-gardener-amazon/

That’s all for now, folks! As it says in the acknowledgement page in The High-Heeled Gardener: ‘Respect to all you novice High-Heeled Gardeners. May your stilettos not get stuck in the mud. Heartfelt gratitude to all you climate, ecological and social justice activists out there. Keep on going!’

Remember the climate is changing, so must we.



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