The Camden Beeline

The Camden Beeline logoThe Camden beeline is another project we have helped co-design and deliver together with Think&Do and the Camden Clean Air Initiative. The aim of the project is to connect all schools in the borough of Camden into one buzzin’ beeline. We want to encourage and support pollinator-friendly gardening in school grounds. The aim is not only to increase biodiversity, but to improve air quality and well-being in schools. Increased green space is important when tackling air pollution and it has been proven that spending time in nature is very good for student well-being, particularly post Covid. To date, over 40 schools have signed up to the beeline. Have a look at the wonderful greening work on the map here.

Camden Business Beeline

Autumn 2023 sees the launch of a Camden Business Beeline. Think&Do and Camden Clean Air project managers will be reaching out to local businesses to explore how we can help businesses create more green spaces and green the grey. We are excited by the prospect of creating a pollinator pathway between businesses.

The first rewilded site will be at the Camden Collective’s HQ – a fantastic new climate hub in Camden. This project will be a demonstration to businesses of how to turn found materials into planters and rewilding containers, and turn outdoor spaces, no matter how small, into a vital part of a pollinator pathway. We recently enjoyed helping curate a corporate volunteer day where over 40 sustainability professionals from the Anthesis Group joined us to repurpose shipping pallets into fruit tree planters, turn ex-school drinking fountains into a fernery, plant up old sinks. We even turned an ex-climbing frame into a jasmine climber!

What if… there was a Business Beeline across London?  If you work for a business in Camden, or across London boroughs and would to take part, get in touch.