Tackling the Ecological Crisis in Schools

Planting the Feminist Orchard at Parliament Hill SchoolAt Parliament Hill School we co-designed and planted a feminist orchard together with students from the Parliament Hill School Climate Action Group.
Alongside Think & Do, we love working with schools and future change-makers to tackle the ecological crisis in schools.  With sponsorship from the KOKO Foundation over the past two years, we have enabled the planting of 50 fruit trees at Camden schools.
In collaboration with Camden Learning, we also co-designed a garden design learning module with students from Years 7-10 at UCL Academy. This resulted in the planting and transformation of a barren patch of land into the ‘Orion Garden’. We also helped design and create the ‘Fruit Salad Garden’ at Kentish Town Primary school with support from a business signed to Camden Council’s Climate Change Alliance.

We designed ‘The Hide Pollinator Garden’ at St Pauls Primary School, NW3:
The Pollinator Garden

Jammy Hedges

A jammy hedge is a hedgerow of native bare-root tree whips which in time will bear fruit which can be turned into jam – hence the name Jammy Hedges. Jammy hedges are perfect for screening schools that are sited alongside a busy main road from pollution.  Together with Think&Do and Camden Air Action, and with help from students and corporate volunteers, we have planted jammy hedges at several schools. Does your school face a busy traffic heavy road? Would you like a FREE jammy hedge, if so, get in touch?

Watch this space for a new 23/24 campaign to promote Entomology.