From fragrant pollinator lawns…to Spring bulbs.

As we approach the end of September it’s the last chance to be thinking about sowing any lawn seed before the Winter sets in. But why lay just a traditional grass lawn? We are urging all of our clients to turn a section of the lawn over to create a fragrant pollinators Lawn.

With a mix of clovers, wildflowers (such as birdsfoot trefoil, self heal), and herbs, the sward contains no grasses, and is a truly diverse mixture. The mix is designed to be cut very infrequently, to ensure that the flowers are allowed to come into bloom. The mix will tolerate a little wear and tear, but is not terribly hard wearing. Come on, what’s stopping you!

Meanwhile, it’s been an incredibly busy period, we are currently ordering over 4,000 Spring bulbs for all of our clients. From February to May, our clients’ shady spots/woodland areas in the garden will be bursting with wild primrose, wood anemone and dog violets. Germander speedwells, greater stitchwort, red campion and blue bells will be in full colour in our semi-shade areas. We are plantings lots of ramsons – with their pretty white March flowers and gorgeous aroma – fab for cooking up in pestos stir fries. Wild tulips and snowdrops, winter aconites and lesser celandines will provide many a bed filled with a lovely Spring colour palette of yellows and whites.

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