Our Woodland Spring…

We have been busy this week ordering thousand of wonderful, beneficial bulbs and plug plants on behalf of our clients to create that first flush of Woodland Spring…

The wood is where flowers start their year. They have to get out early to beat the shade of the leaves from deciduous trees which close over to create deep shadow by mid May.

The tapestry starts in February with the yellow chalice shaped flowers of Aconite, followed in March with the star like bright yellow flowers of Lesser celandine heralding the start of Spring. Wild primroses abound, gradually added to by the graceful nodding white and pink flowers of wood anemones which carpet the woodland floor. Bluebells follow along with the Yellow archangel flowers, and white stars of Greater stitchwort.

We particularly love Ramsons – wild garlic, with their umbels of long stalked white flowers and thick green leaves which are delicious chopped up and added to stir fries! These start to appear late March/early April.

Red campion, with their bright rose pink flowers start to appear from late April – another firm favourite of ours, and so good for encouraging beneficial wildlife.

Why not create your own mini woodland effect by planting some shade loving Spring plants in your garden.

Our fave combos:

Wild primrose with Wood anemone and Dog violet in deep shade

Germander speedwell, Greater stitchwort, Red campion and Bluebells in semi-shade.

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