Wildflower Lawns

One of our highlights of the week was planting a rather lovely wildflower lawn. Our client’s garden was a rather formal one, filled with box and topiary surrounding two large circular shaped manicured lawns. Our client, having read our thoughts on the importance of each and everyone of us doing our pollinator,  asked for our design help. As the grass was amazingly still warm (as lovingly also noted by Monty Dom in one of his twitter posts this week) we straightaway suggested planting wildflower plugs into the lawn, to which she readily agreed, with the proviso that we stuck to a colour palette of purple and white. As her lounge was on the first floor, we thought a wildflower dotted lawn, as well as providing a wonderful habitat for visiting creatures, would also look very lovely from her lounge window! A week later having planted a mass of wild basil, betony, self heal, white clover and germander speedwell plugs, we all shared a cuppa, some homemade quinoa biccy’s, and enjoyed the result!

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