The Best Habitat?

Here’s an interesting design connundrum. Take two new clients each with a different take on what they want from their garden and what do you get? Answer, a lovely garden, half of it designed to look very formal, with clipped holm oak and forsythia hedges, geometric, concreted troughs planted with architectural plants and grasses. The other half, a naturalistic swath of wildflower meadow, a giant wildlife pond, a wooden eco studio…

We have just taken on the maintenance of new build in NW3 and we must admit the contrast between the two design halves works really well… That’s not to say we won’t be doing our bit busily adding Ramsons for wonderful February colour, aroma and culinary treats and Comfrey, Borage and a nettle patch to make homemade fertilizer….just don’t tell our client!

Talking NW3, a lovely design project we have just taken on is the build/landscaping around an outside classroom for a primary school. Our project called, ‘The Hide’ will include a series of RSPB themed resources, and planting plan to encourage birds and beneficial insects. These will be linked to a curriculum aimed at inspiring kids to embrace the natural world all year round. Now where are my binoculars…

Do come and meet us at our ‘Guide to Spring bulb planting’ at the Well Beeing garden, Kentish Town Health Centre, Bartholemew Rd, NW5, next Friday 5/6 between 2pm-3:30pm

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