Ssshhh… Don’t Tell Anyone!

Rather than work quietening down for us in the winter months allowing us to go into a cozy hibernation with our friendly wildlife, we have had several new design briefs this month.

First up, within a major re-design of a large garden in NW3, we have been asked to incorporate a secret passageway using a mix of soft landscaping. Our first point of call was to re-shape the existing shrubbery. We often find how amazed our clients are when they see how different their garden looks after it’s had a good 5 hour sculpting by our Andy Morris. When overgrown shrubs and trees are cut back, all kind of secret new vistas are found and framed. December/January, when all is dormant, is the perfect time of year to be re-shaping your garden. Aimed at the kids (ok – and adults!) the next stage of our secret passageway is going to be to add layers of new shrubbery and some hazel wood work. Roll on Spring, it will be time to get lost in the jungle – NW3 style!

We really enjoy designing landscapes for kids, and talking of kids, we have also just been asked to re-design the grounds of a large school in N6. More news soon.

We also have been asked to design a colourful edible landscape for a lovely garden in NW5. In this we will plant a cornucopia of edibles ranging from the lovely red leaved tinged Lolla rossa which will be inter-planted with Salvias; climbing beans and passion flowers intermingled, a bed of edible flowers such as Viola odorata…

Talking of edibles, another area of expertise that we have been cultivating this month is perennial veg. From Babbingtons leek, to Daubertons kale; from both an ecological and  aesthetic point of view, perennial veg is a highly important. For all you wanted to know about perennial veg but were afraid to ask – tune in to next months blog!

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