March Meadows

We are really excited that over the next few weeks we will be laying some lovely wildflower turfs for several of our existing and new clients. So why do we love Wildflower turfs so much?

  1. They provide a beautiful looking habitat!
  2. The twentieth century saw a sharp decrease in the variety of wildflowers in the UK countryside. This was due to changes in agricultural policy and practice, herbicide use and the growth of urban sprawl. We need to reverse this trend and bring back diversity. Whilst we can’t all control what happens in the wider countryside, we can ensure that a small part of our outdoor space is a model of diversity!
  3. Our wildflower turfs contain over 50 difference species of flowers, including our faves:   Bladder Campion, with its palest of pink balloon like calyx surrounded by white petals;  Vetch with its deep crimson purple nose and paler magenta pink wings which fade as they age. We love the pale yellow and orange Toadflax, the tiny Birds foot Trefoil in the boldest of yellows. Field Scabious with its flowers in the softest lilac, fading to a rose pink mauve at its heart. Who can resist the Common Knapweed with its eye-catching flowers and very high quality nectar. Did you know, its petals are edible and can be used in salads? Not forgetting of course the widely recognised, Ox Eye Daisy, with its oh so charming white florets centred round a yellow disc. The list goes on… Don’t hesitate to call us and we will chat for hours about our faves!!
  4. A wildflower turf will add a changing palete of flowers through-out the season.
  5. Makes a great alternative to lawns and borders and is LOW MAINTENANCE. Different leaf textures, ie yarrow, with it’s feather like leafs, look very lovely, even without flowers.
  6. Needs to be mowed only twice a year; late June and late September. Beyond this, it will look after itself.
  7. A wildflower turf does not like improved soil, meaning that soil does not have to be improved before the turf can be laid.
  8. It’s a misconception that a wildflower meadow has to look like a field. A small strip – a micro meadow, 6mx1m, can be grown amid the most contemporary of gardens.
  9. A wildflower turf is easy and quick to lay. A perennial rich wildflower meadow sown from seed, may not fully flower for several years.
  10. Wildflower turfs provide a habitat, and nectar, for a wide range of wildlife. Calling all insects, invertebrates, butterflies, bees, spiders, birds, mammals and hedgehogs. Come and enjoy a feast of new wildflowers coming to several North London homes, schools, public and community spaces, this month!

If however, the cost of wildflower turf is too prohibitive for you, simply turn over a piece of land and sow some annual seeds: Cornflower, Poppy, Calendula, Corncuckle. Get sowing this month, and you will see flowers by summer…

A dreaming wildflower meadowjpg

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