I Should Sugar and Preserve My Days Like Fruit

‘I should sugar and preserve my days like fruit.’ Wrote Sylvia Plath in her poem, ‘Last Words,’ a sentiment we totally agree with.

Talking fruit, this month, look around at the abundance. The trees are laden with the best apple crop for many a year. We are busily out and about with our pickers and press, visiting  local schools teaching kids how to press apples and turn them into cornucopia of fresh juice. It is so sad how disconnected some children still are from the seasons and abundance. At a recent apple pressing one child claimed how the apple juice, ‘just tasted like the real thing.’ When we enquired what ‘the real thing’ meant, she replied, ‘it tastes like the juice from Tescos.’ C’mon fellow abundance and fruity lovers, get out there, look for the apple and pear trees and their fallen, unwanted fruit. Pick ’em, and leave boxes of fruit for all take for free outside your house.

Do come and meet us on Saturday 26/9 at the Kentish Town Health centre where we are curating a fab Urban Harvest Fest, complete with mushroom growing, chicken keeping, herbwindow box out-of-pallet making, gin brewing stalls and of course tours of our wonderful well beeing garden.

Talking about well being, we have had a lovely couple of of new projects designing makeovers for care homes. Also, just confirmed, our gardens at St Pauls School, NW3 have just won silver prize in Camden in Bloom for being the second best Camden school for creating a haven of of happiness and wellbeing…

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