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Hearticultural Press — "Small Books With Big Heart".

From time to time, we intend to publish small books about gardening, ecology and green lifestyle and will be offering them for sale here on our website.

Hot off the press is a wacky novel written by our very own Debbie!

The High-Heeled Gardener book cover

The High-Heeled Gardener — a novel by Debbie Bourne

Written by our very own Debbie; this is great fun and also practical — sprinkled throughout with seasonal gardening tips. Thoroughly recommended!

Paperback, 366 pages. 148mm x 210mm, 540g.
Price £10 plus £3.50 p&p UK

When ex-fashion designer Deborah answers a knock on her door, little does she know that she is about to embark upon the growmance of her life. Handsome local MP Toby Knight persuades her to turn a patch of land outside her house into a food-growing project – with uproarious consequences.

Join in with Deborah, The High-Heeled Gardener, as she records her adventures in a worms-and-all diary. Follow her roller-coaster year of steamy sustainability, community transition, food growing and flirtation. From seedy Sundays and GM (gorgeous male) alerts to B-cup brassicas and exploding cucumbers, this is a heady journey from haute- to horti-couture.

Featuring a cast of cabinet makers and members, wassailers and wood nymphos, freegans and pot-laureates, Deborah is not only led up the garden path, but becomes an unwitting environmentalist along the way.

The High-Heeled Gardener is an hilarious horticultural handbook:
A year of digging dangerously!