Health Centres

Health Centres and Well-Beeing Gardens

Following the successful launch of our first Well-Beeing Garden at the Kentish Town Health Centre, Bartholemew Rd, NW5 2BX, we would welcome enquiries from other health centres/medical practices with a view to designing and implementing further Well-Beeing gardens. Please join us any Thursday afternoon between 4pm-5:15pm at the above address to experience the effects of the NW5 Well-Beeing Garden, for yourself.

Research has long proven that experiencing natural environments can have a positive effect on patients/medical practitioners in the following ways:

  1. Facilitate stress reduction which helps the body reach a more balanced state.Spending time outside can help improve physical health and recovery times and confers particular benefits for mental health.
  2. Provide a space to conduct physical therapy, horticultural therapy, with patients.
  3. Provide staff with a needed retreat from the stress of work – outdoor spaces are salutogenic, that is they reduce stress and encourage healthy behaviours.

Government research suggests that:

In supporting health and well-being outcomes National Health Service facilities should strive to make greater use of existing outdoor spaces by connecting them with the built environment. As we shift towards a more mutual NHS, these largely untapped outdoor spaces should be recognised and utilised as an important healthcare resource in their own right.

Together, let’s take steps towards growing a ‘Natural Health Service’ by designing further Well beeing gardens.

For more info, please do not hesitate to call.