Health Centres

Health Centres and Well-Beeing Gardens

We are currently designing out third therapeutic garden for a very large health centre. Our aim is to enhance grounds of the whole health centre and transform it into an uplifting place of well being.

Our Listening Space Garden at The Caversham Group Practice which was created 2 years ago, continues to host seasonal celebrations and is becoming a wonderful hub in the centre of Kentish Town.

Research has long proven that experiencing natural environments can have a positive effect on patients/medical practitioners in the following ways:

  1. Facilitate stress reduction which helps the body reach a more balanced state.Spending time outside can help improve physical health and recovery times and confers particular benefits for mental health.
  2. Provide a space to conduct physical therapy, horticultural therapy, with patients.
  3. Provide staff with a needed retreat from the stress of work – outdoor spaces are salutogenic, that is they reduce stress and encourage healthy behaviours.

Government research suggests that:

In supporting health and well-being outcomes National Health Service facilities should strive to make greater use of existing outdoor spaces by connecting them with the built environment. As we shift towards a more mutual NHS, these largely untapped outdoor spaces should be recognised and utilised as an important healthcare resource in their own right.

Together, let’s take steps towards growing a ‘Natural Health Service’ by designing further Well beeing gardens.

For more info, please do not hesitate to call.