Lift One Paving Stone

Let's green up North London’s front-gardens and building-fronts!

Did you know that one in three of London’s front gardens are now paved over?

We say it’s time to lift up the paving stones of North London and begin the re-planting of front gardens and building-entrances, no matter how modest or grandiose the scale. We whole-heartedly encourage you to take part in the re-greening of London and hope you will submit your project pictures via the address given below.

Here at “OBAB” we have tons of ideas and resources to get you inspired so please get in touch if you need more encouragement.

Lift a Paving Stone campaign poster
Far too many of our front gardens and building entrances are paved over, lifeless and bare. Hard, impervious surfaces have proliferated in London by a massive 36% during the last 10 years. This exacerbates flooding, pollution and does nothing for birds, butterflies or bees. You can make a difference by lifting just one paving stone!

From creating a mini wildflower meadow in your front garden, to planting a pollen-rich shrub in the entrance to your office, shop or driveway; join in with our North London Transition Town competition and together we can undo the damage, one paving stone at a time!

Lift a paving stone and get planting!
Lift One Paving Stone Border
We are here to offer free help and advice but for more information visit:

… and good luck !